Daily Application of Moisturizers

Moisturizers are the first line of defense in protecting baby’s skin from external allergens while maintaining the skin’s moisture from dryness and from becoming very itchy. This is essential in treating and managing baby eczema.

Our skin barrier is made up of fats and oils that keep water and nutrients in the skin and keep bacteria, allergens and irritants out. In healthy skin, the outermost layer, the corneal layer (visible part of the skin), protects the body from germs. Also, the outer layers of the skin constantly renews itself as new cells grow.

In people with eczema, the corneal layer does not provide enough protection leaving the skin dry. When the skin is not properly hydrated and moisturized, it will crack, so the barrier becomes compromised and irritants, microbes and allergens can easily penetrate causing eczema flare-ups.


It important to note that not all moisturizers are created equal. There are many common moisturizers that aren’t actually good at helping control eczema and may even cause a flare up. And before using any moisturizer, it’s important to understand the differences between the three types of moisturizers — ointments, creams, and lotions — and the best way to apply them.

For example, ointments are applied on rashes and flare-ups because it does not sting or irritate the skin. Ointments can also be used on very dry areas that are prone to flare-up and used during cold months to help block the cold air and wind from irritating the skin. Ointments are also the best for moisturizing and healing the areas of skin irritated by saliva from teething.

Creams should be applied to the rest of the areas that are not red and irritated, and should be re-applied as many times as needed throughout the day. And, lotions should be applied when the temperatures get warmer.  Lastly, moisturizers are most effective when applied immediately after bathing.

How to Choose?

There are SO many products out in the market, how do you narrow it down to a few to decide which works best? We believe that choosing skin care products with natural and organic ingredients is ideal and important to the condition of our skin, our overall health and well-being.          

And, once you find the few thats works it like hitting the jackpot.


Check Out: Moisturizers Do’s and Don’ts for Baby Eczema Skin for more information and guidance in this area. It also covers which skin care ingredients to avoid and which ingredients to favor, which is essential in creating a skin care routine that will help heal the skin and soothe the itch. 

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