It’s A Long Road Ahead, But Its Worth It!

Caring for babies with eczema is heartbreaking and exhausting for a parent or caregiver.Treating and managing eczema is a complex process but it all starts with awareness and the willingness to learn about our bodies. We constantly have to stay aware, alert and understand that everything that comes in contact with our bodies affect our general health as well as the condition of our skin.

It is my mission to help parents and caregivers with babies with eczema and to provide them with comfort, guidance and relevant information through my own personal experience. Most importantly, I hope to
 spread the awareness and mindfulness in understanding your baby as well as yourself.

Our Parenting Style

We practice and believe in the following:

Natural (drug-free) Birth (unless medically necessary) 

Attachment Parenting

Breastfeeding (not just for the 6 month recommended WHO minimum, but until the child weans themselves)




Co-sleeping/Bed Sharing

Cloth Diapers

Organic Eating

Promoting Most Things Natural 

When it comes to treating and managing eczema:

We use natural and organic methods (in diet and skincare) to treat mild-moderate eczema and to prevent future breakouts. We use steroids and topical antibiotics (on an as-needed basis) for severe eczema to clear the skin to prevent infections. Our focus in our daily routine is to never get to the point of requiring oral antibiotics.